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Digital Marketing Management

Daily Media Marketing provide starting entrepreneurs and established business owners different kinds of Digital Marketing Services from a small specific output to a whole marketing package. We offer our clients a variety of deals that fits their needs in order to achieve their objectives. 

Our Services

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Why Work with Us?

Reasonable Price

Our services are within your means — even for starting entrepreneurs.

Creative & Professional

We not just experienced professional digital marketers but artists as well

Results Oriented

We guarantee our clients of results from our digital marketing services

Committed and Collaborative

Our clients are part in the decision making of every digital marketing step

On Schedule

We make sure to update our clients of our procedures and progress

Our 5 Principles

Daily Media Marketing believes that every entrepreneur and every business deserves to thrive in the market. That is why it is our goal to double the businesses that we serve every year starting in our home town — New Jersey.

We want to give every business the chance to increase their online exposure and utilize digital marketing to increase their sales and profits.

We believe that every business owner deserve an affordable, creative, on-schedule and result oriented marketing agency who is committed to the success of their clients


Our Process

This is our basic process when getting a package or a service from us. Depending on the agreement, this process may shorten or additional steps maybe required.

  • 1. Your Quotation

    • Call us or fill in our online forms that’s on this website. Give us a detailed information about your field of business and the services you want us to work on.
    • If you have any more questions just write it down on our quotation form.
  • 2. Digital Media Audit

    • We then check your available online media platforms and give you a report about their status. Such as page likes for Facebook, number of followers for twitter, or average number of sessions on your websites.
  • 3. We give you a Proposal

    • We then write you a proposal along with our digital media audit report. This way, we could give you a more in-dept figures and suggestions on how to better your digital marketing package or service.
  • 4. Pricing and Schedules

    • Along with the proposal, we give you our pricing and estimated time of completion. Take note that we make sure the prices we give you is the best deal you can find. The date of our first draft will depend on the size of the project.
  • 5. First Draft and Client Evaluation

    • After we’re done with the project, we will send you results of our first draft if it’s a website or multimedia content. If it’s an online advertisement it would be metrics from google analytics or key performance indicator results.
    • You can then evaluate our work and give your suggestions or changes.
  • 6. Completion and Maintenance

    • Depending on the agreement from the accepted proposal, we can turn-over the final product to you or we shall do our job in maintaining your website or on-going advertisements.

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